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The Face of Traveling Chef

Ruru, as she is more commonly known amongst friends, family and colleagues, completed a diploma in hospitality management at The Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch before flying off to Dubai to take up an intense mentorship experience at the One & Only The Palm and The One & Only The Mirage in Dubai as part of her prize.

Her time in Dubai included a spell working in various restaurants under the wing of One & Only Royal Mirage’s Executive Chef, Laurent Thierry Eric Michel and One & Only The Palm’s Executive Chef, Patrice Schildowski, as well as culinary experience in 12 bars and restaurants, one of these being the three Michelin star restaurant, Stay by Chef Yannick Alléno.

'Proudly Paying Tribute to Great Chefs and Great Chefs to Come'


'Food is a Universal Language'

Traveling Chef was founded in 2020 by well-travelled and experienced Chef Rutendo Marovatsanga who is only 27 years old and Goodmore Madombi who has over 20 years in the hospitality industry and both are extremely passionate about food and innovation. We are extremely passionate about food, cook from the heart and customer service is our number one priority.

We feel extremely fortunate to have a company and absolutely love doing what we do, creating opportunities for chefs to individually showcase their skills by preparing fantastic food for special events and creating amazing unforgettable memories. And finally giving the chefs the recognition and credit, they deserve as they give personalised service.


'The Secret Ingredient is Love'

Our innovative concept called Traveling Chef is designed to bring personal service by our chefs into your homes . Our concept is very simple and our aim is to have a chef cook for our clients in the comfort of their your homes or chosen venues especially on special occasions or just to treat their family and friends to a world class experience.


'Food is Not Only Eating, it's an Experience'


Our Guests can select from our Chefs Full Signature Menus


Signature Dishes, always a treat if you don't have the need for a full menu


Select from any Cuisiine specialities, exciting flavours and aromas


'Great Food, Bringing People Together'

Experience Great Food

Private Chef in Your Home

Treat Yourself, Family & Friends

Dine at the Chef Home

Visiting the home of a Chef!

Family Meals

Some Great Family Time

Romantic Meals for 2

Much Needed Romance

Experience Individual Taste

Vegan & Vegeterian


Lacto Vegetarian


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'Making Memories with Food? of Course You Can'

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Enjoy a Wine & Dine Experience

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Enjoy Great Food Made from the Heart



First and foremost, Ruth is hardworking, skilled and reliable. She was a key kitchen staff member for us who consistently delivered high quality on the line. Ruth was consistently on time, prepped and ready to work and was eager to assist in any way to make the kitchen function most effectively. I enjoyed working with Ruth and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future. I wish her continued success.

Excutive Chef

Winslow Tavern


Rutendo Marovatsanga was employed as a Front of House restaurant Manager. Ruth is highly skilled in working on Pilot POS, Microsoft office suite and Dineplan. She is well spoken, educated and takes initiative when a pressing moment arises. Furthermore, she is reliable and dependable. She has an accommodating demeanor dealing with clients, I would most certainly have her on my team again should the opportunity arise.

Anthony Howes

Reuben's Restaurant & Bar


Village Unhu is situated in Harare and operates as a gallery for exhibitions for contemporary art and artists. Ruth worked hand in hand with myself creating meaningful and programs, improving in areas lacking. She was a key asset during the residency programs that saw 6 artists visit, stay and work at the studios. Ruth was instrumental in the renovation of the new veranda bar and restaurant. We highly comment and support Ruth.

Georgina Maxim

Village Unhu


Goodmore was a strong and successful leader in our chain of restaurants. Goodmore's energy and passion for running great restaurants drives his teams to reach new aspiring heights. Goodmore's Continuous imporvement and focus on self transformation ensures he always stays ahead of his market competitors. It was a pleasure working with him and i wish him all the best with his exciting new adventure.

Grant Wheatley

Managing Director
KFC Boabab Group & Mypond Hotel

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'Food is a Genuine Culture and Identity Experience'