Who we are

Traveling Chef was founded in 2020 by well-travelled and experienced Chef Rutendo Marovatsanga who is only 27 years old and Goodmore Madombi who has over 20 years in the hospitality industry and both are extremely passionate about food and innovation. We are extremely passionate about food, cook from the heart and customer service is our number one priority. We feel extremely fortunate to have a company and absolutely love doing what we do, creating opportunities for chefs to individually showcase their skills by preparing fantastic food for special events and creating amazing unforgettable memories. And finally giving the chefs the recognition and credit, they deserve as they give personalised service.

We believe that each customer will have their own personal needs of what they want, and we will provide a tailor-made meal to suit your needs or event. Once we establish what you want, your style and your budget, we work around you to make your event exactly as you envisaged it to be and usually, our goal is to exceed your expectations. For those customers who want us to take care of it all, we have a selection of menus for you to choose from.

We will strive to ensure only the freshest, finest quality produce is used in the creation of all traditional and spectacular dishes that we prepare .We also continue to add some hotels ,location and venues to cater for those versatile outside caterers and can set up our kitchens almost anywhere.

Mr. Goodmore Madombi

CEO & Founder


Our innovative concept called TravelingChef is designed to bring personal service by our chefs into your homes .Our concept is very simple and our aim is to have a chef cook for our clients in the comfort of their your homes or chosen venues especially on special occasions or just to treat their family and friends to a world class experience.

We noticed a big gap in the hospitality sector especially when it came to fine dining and a concern when it comes to dining in public restaurants. Just like in a plane, you don’t get to see the Captain and his co-pilot but you just trust that you will arrive and this is the feeling that most diners get when they visit a restaurant, you never get to see the chef and also find it difficult to get personal service or attention. Also, with the Covid pandemic a lot of families are no longer comfortable to go out to restaurants and we are now bringing the restaurant to our client’s homes.

Our concept allows our trained chefs to turn your house into a restaurant with a Personal Chef who will prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner in your kitchen and in the comfort of your home. The client will be able to personalise every detail of what they want to eat. Our Personal Chefs will analyse the client’s request and send them their proposals and we will then buy the ingredients online and have them delivered to the client’s home or pick up from a selected location that will be arranged depending on location .Tailor Cooked For You.


To be the worlds first choice for signature meals and soul food, compliments to the chef.


A personalised memorable world class experience of great food in the comfort of your preferred venue.



Team work








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