Est. 2020

We’re Hiring Chefs 


Great Chefs with hands on attention

We are Hiring Chefs, Join our Amazing Team

'We can all Celebrate fabulous food and Awesome Chefs'

Professional and traditional chefs

'Food is more than just Food'

We are currently in the process of signing up Chefs to be part of this amazing initiative.

We are looking for professional as well as traditional chefs with an outstanding passion for great food and outstanding hospitality.

Please take note that this is not permanent employment.

is this you?

'The Secret Ingredient is Love'

Plese email us the following;

  • Your Personal CV
  • Cover/Introduction Letter
  • Clear head and shoulder photograph of yourself
  • Profile form (attachement below)

Successful applicants will receive an email to complete a full profile form

Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted

'Food is a Genuine Culture and Identity Experience'