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Chef Ruth

Age: 27 

Location: Sandton, JHB

Speciality – All Rounder

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Ruru, as she is more commonly known amongst friends, family and colleagues, completed a diploma in hospitality management at The Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch before flying off to Dubai to take up an intense mentorship experience at the One&Only The Palm and The One&Only The Mirage in Dubai as part of her prize.

Her time in Dubai included a spell working in various restaurants under the wing of One&Only Royal Mirage’s Executive Chef, Laurent Thierry Eric Michel and One&Only The Palm’s Executive Chef, Patrice Schildowski, as well as culinary experience in 12 bars and restaurants, one of these being the three Michelin star restaurant, Stay by Chef Yannick Alléno.

Ruru barely had time to unpack her bags before she flew off to the US to take up a six-month work experience opportunity at Winslow’s Tavern, a highly-rated restaurant situated in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This top heritage restaurant, housed in a historic building, is run by South Africans, Chef Patron Phillip and Tracey Hunt.

Now she’s back in town and we caught up with her to find out about her time in the US, what she’s up to now and her plans for the future.

All I can say is that it has been a memorable one! I can’t even believe it has been over two years since the day I first started at PHS. It really feels like yesterday but it has been an amazing journey. When I think about some of my great life choices I have made so far, applying to study at The Private Hotel School stands out as one of them.

It was an exciting, interesting and invaluable experience. I worked at Winslow’s Tavern as an intern, mostly in the garde manger section (a cool, well-ventilated area where cold dishes such as salads, hors d’œuvres, canapés, pâtés and terrines are prepared and other foods are stored under refrigeration). Other than kitchen skills I learnt a lot about different cultures, which made me develop a greater appreciation for cultural diversity. The restaurant had other employees from countries such as Russia, France, Mexico, Croatia, Romania etc with whom I interacted on a daily basis.

Perseverance, perseverance, and perseverance! There was no module for this during my studies but everyday life at PHS taught me a skill that no module can equip you with. From the stressful event planning to long hours in the school restaurant to assignments that all fell on the same due date. The school’s curriculum is designed to make you work at the highest level under pressure. Believe me,  after that you can face any challenge in the industry. It’s true what they say – diamonds are made under pressure! And I am proud to be one PHS’s gems.

I am currently completing my front of house internship at Reuben’s restaurant in Sandton. It’s a great opportunity to work for one of my role models.

2019 was a great year so 2020 cannot afford to be a mediocre year. This year I plan to diversify my knowledge in the front of house aspect of a restaurant, paying more attention to food and wine pairing. Now that I have gained sufficient experience and knowledge on the food aspect, it’s time to also understand the wine and service side of a restaurant. Within the next few years, I want to be a restaurant manager who can roll up her sleeves when the commis chef doesn’t show up for duty as well as a chef who can easily recommend a wine to pair with the food.

The industry is passion-driven; don’t do it for any other reason other than because you love what you do and hospitality is what you want to do.

Definitely a bottle or two of Sauvignon Blanc as well as ham and milk.

  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Indian
  • Greek
  • Mexican
  • French
  • Mediterranean
  • American
  • South African
  • African

Medium-well wagyu ribeye.

Being as daring individual I would to push myself to the limit and prepare Beef Wellington for Gordon Ramsey; southern fried chicken for Michelle and Barack Obama; something sweet, maybe a toffee pudding, for Jamie Oliver and chicken biryani for Alex Guarnaschelli who is the executive chef at New York City’s Butter restaurant.

Chef Monde

Age: 37

Location: Houghton, Fourways, JHB

Speciality – Sushi, Chicken

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Monde’s Menu

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Seafood Paella


I’m enthusiastic hard working.

Everything I do, I do it with the passion.

Being Creative with Food is my strong point.

Life is a Journey, I strive to continue learning everyday.

I have traveled the world.

I have been working with different nationalities sharing my skills and learning different cuisines.

I have been in the Middle East. I worked at Qatar Airways Catering. It was a busy operation, we produced about 150 meals per day, which included different cuisines worldwide.

I have great experience in the Asian and Arabic Cuisines.

My time as a Chef on the 5 Star Seabourn Cruise Lines, rewarded me with the opportunity to travel the world and gain pricesless experience with various cuisines.

  • Genuine
  • Authentic
  • Passionate
  • Creative

At the moment i keep myself busy freelancing, enjoying to cook for new and existing clients.

To continue my passion and love for food.

Cooking great meals and learning new and exciting flavours.

  • Be organised
  • Write down a list for yourself to make sure you meet specific requirements when cooking
  • Be 100% involved
  • Have and maintain a passion for what you are doing to trying to achieve
  • Garlic
  • Herbs
  • Onion
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Indian
  • Greek
  • Mexican
  • Mediterranean
  • American
  • South African
  • African
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Chef Gordon
  • Donald Truimp

Chef Cletos

Age: 65

Location: Nelspruit

Speciality – Duck

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Chef Cletos

“Cooking is a passion; something I believe I was born to do, hence I do it with my whole heart.”

“But I’ve always made time to do what I love, part-time in different restaurants and hotels, until I eventually moved to South Africa,” he says.

He says his journey wasn’t a joy ride and it taught him perseverance.

“It wasn’t easy at all. Despite leaving my country, being a chef means that you forget about having a social life because you work on weekends and Christmas, which are our busiest periods.”

When Cletos Chiteza left the uncomfortable economic situation of his country, Zimbabwe, and headed south, little did he know he would end up with a job he loves wholeheartedly in an area he would one day fondly call home.

Now a respected country cooking chef with a love for chilli and herbs, Chiteza wears his chef’s hat at Misty Mountain Lodge, a 280 hectare South African natural heritage site situated on the spectacular Long Tom Pass (31km from Lydenburg and 24km from Sabie).

My time at Misty Mountain Lodge.

At an altitude of 1 700m above sea level in a malaria-free area, the lodge is set in mountainous countryside with majestic views across the escarpment.

It is a spot where guests go to experience tranquillity and natural beauty, but also Chiteza’s delicious country cooking and dishes that are freshly prepared.

“I love cooking. I’ve been cooking for about 40 years, if I’m not mistaken. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved being in the kitchen,” said Chiteza, mentioning that plating a dish is an exciting task for him as well.

Cletos likes to describe his food as fusion food – simple but tasty. “I trained as a chef in the 1970s, but have worked different jobs that don’t go with what I trained to do because of the economic status where I come from.

Cletos says doing what he does requires someone who loves cooking because it is more than just a job for money. “Being a chef has taught me a lot about love,” he says with a smile. “Anywhere you go in the world, people are either welcomed with a cup of tea or a plate of food. This just indicates how food is somehow a symbol of love.”

He says he loves giving people food and seeing them enjoying it, putting a smile on their faces while filling their tummys with something palatable.

“I love talking to people, so I sometimes visit them at their tables to check if all is well with the food, and I also enjoy working in this area that is very different from the buzz that exists in town.” Chiteza says he loves cooking duck – a dish he says he cooks to perfection any day.

“There are not a lot of chefs that can cook duck and cook it how it’s supposed to be cooked, hence you won’t find it in a lot of restaurants,” he says.

“I don’t go into the kitchen without red wine, chilli and some mixed herbs.”


Chef Mizpah

Age: 29

Location: Any

Speciality – All Rounder

My Signature Menu

BBQ Summer Feast

My Signature Dish

Coming Soon


Known to many as Chefonduty, Mizpah came to cooking later in her career. She first worked as an Accountant at her family’s business immediately after completing her education. She honed her culinary skills after she got inspiration and encouragement to pursue her dreams from a close friend who at that time was a Chef at a leading institute. Mizpah developed a knack for cooking well-known local dishes with a twist and has gained a reputation of combining acutely seasonal items with quietly elegant technique. Mizpah is also well know with her unique of bringing a unique dining experience right into one’s home instead of one going to a restaurant. Not content with merely stimulating palates, Mizpah aims to stimulate minds as well, by offering some cooking lessons to beginners. When Mizpah is not cooking, or writing her Cookbook, or working on her brand, Mizpah attends food conferences, and other business related events, where she states and stimulates her endless culinary curiosity.

I’m a creative young lady, energetic and loves hosting so much

My cooking journey started in 2014,when I’d cook and host few friends for fun. Then I realized I can turn my passion into a viable business

I have never worked for any restaurant since I started as a personal /private chef.

I’ve traveled for destination events in Capetown and Victoria falls, Zimbabwe.

Also for holiday chef jobs in Capetown, harteesboot, Pretoria, Lusaka and Durban.

I Value health firstly, I believe it’s more wealthy than gold or silver pieces _Mahatma Gandhi.

Passion is my other core value!

Humility, imagination because I love to have fun and courage is life.

I’m creating recipes and plan for my tomorrows event

Ownership! I want to own a restaurant, cooking studio,spice line,

I’m writing a Cookbook, looking forward to launching it and more books.

My passion has always been on brand influencing and I’m eager to start on it.

It’s never late to become who you want to be in the Curlinary industry.

Never give up, never lose hope! Passion will get you where you want to be in life!


Always remember that Food is the future and you can do way better!



  • Celery
  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Mediterranean
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • American
  • South African
  • African

Slow-cooked lamb shanks in a homemade sun-dried tomato and onion soup with peanut butter and chillies served with roasted sweet potato and rainbow Coleslaw with apple, chickpeas and poppyseed.

  • Bonang Matheba
  • Gareth Cliff
  • Minnie dhlamini

Chef Nate

Age: 29

Location: Gauteng

Speciality – All Rounder

My Signature Menu

Eden Like

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I am a 29 year old black African. Born in Botswana, raised in Zimbabwe and currently have a Zimbabwean citizenship. I have done my tertiary education in South Afrca where I also completed my Diploma in Culinary Arts.

I am a family man, married and a father of 2 boys. My passion for my work is derived from the love of and from my family.

I have travelled to different countries namely Australia, United States of America, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I have a deep passion for vegetarians as a chef and have spent time self-training, studying and developing products and recipes that vegetarians would enjoy as well as those who eat meat or are in transition to being vegetarians.

I am also well trained in preparing meat dishes as I myself enjoy eating meat.

Every plate that I serve is a representation of who I am. Personified though food.

The journey to becoming a chef started in 2015. Cooking was always a passion for me and in June 2015 I decided to venture into the catering industry in the Kingdom of eSwatini. I opened a catering company called Mobile Meals which ran for 6 months. The closure of this company was to further my career by going to study culinary arts in Sandton South Africa, at the International Hotel School in January 2016.

During my studies at HIS, I managed to do my internship at Sandton Sun where I trained under world renowned chefs.

Upon my completion of my studies I opened a company in May 2017 called Nae Naes Grill (Pty) Ltd. During this period I managed to do private cheffing as well as catering jobs from as little as 1 person to thousands of people. I have also been able to cater for high profile institutions such as UNFPA, FNB, and the Southern-Indian Ocean Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to say the list.

I have also had the opportunity to work in the United States at the highly esteemed luxury hotel, the JW Marriott Nashville in Tennessee. From February 2019 to February 2020 I worked there high earned restaurant Bourbon Steak Nashville which is a Michael Mina restaurant as well as their Banquet Kitchen.  


The experiences I have gained from my journey from different countries have made me the chef I am today.

  • I have worked at
  • Sandton Sun hotel (SA)
  • Intercontinental Hotel (SA)
  • Sandton Convention Centre (SA)
  • JW Marriott Nashville (USA)
  • Love
  • Honour
  • Respect
  • I thrive for excellence
  • My clients and guests are always at the heart of what I do. Their satisfactions and expectations are of paramount importance to me.

Currently I am running Nae Naes Grill As its Head Chef. Doing catering as well as private cheffing

To continue advancing in skill and knowledge. Every catering job is a learning experience as each client brings about a different aspect and angle to my cooking.

I also want to be a well-travelled so as to gain an understanding of many different cuisines that are around the world. Fusion of cuisines always brings dynamics to food and that is my passion. To bring a culinary experience to guests who dine for what I have prepared for them.

The sky is the limit.

Hard work will always repay.

Never fear to ask question and learn from those who have been in the industry.

Fail fast and learn faster and never give up.

  • Crushed garlic and ginger
  • Tomato paste
  • Butter
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • American
  • South African
  • African

Dry aged New York Strip served with a butternut puree, wilted spinach, blistered garlic and herb grape tomatoes served with a chimichuri sauce.

Winky D. He is a famous Zim Dance Hall musician. Being Rastafarian, I would love to prepare him a fish dish. Deboned whole trout served with wilted bok Choy, (cilantro, spring onion and rocket salad), mushroom tortellini and chive oil.

Trevor Noah. South African comedian. His love for sugar would prompt me to make him a blueberry, red wine liquor cheese cake.

Dwayne Johnson. American celebrity. I would serve him as cream cheese and herb stuffed salmon on a bed of spicy lentils and a garden salad.

Chef Jerry

Age: 26

Location: JHB, Pretoria

Speciality – All Rounder

My Signature Menu

Modern Classics

My Signature Dish



Commonly known as Tshepo. He has completed level 4 in food and beverage services at the VPK Business venture in Krugersdorp and level 4 in professional cookery at Sparrow Fet College in Johannesburg.

Firstly he did practicals for F&B at Seasons Sports and Spa, then did his last practical’s at Sandton Sun Hotel.

He was in the 2017 Unilever Chef of the Year Junior.

He was working under wing under the late head Chef Jonathan Roos as Sandton Sun.

He went to spend 2 years in the USA working Norwegian Cruise Line, whithin 2 years he went to more than 20 countries, which includes USA, Europe and South America.

He was an intern at the luxurious Seaborne Cruise Line.

He was Demi Chef departie. He was also working at one of the most famous chefs Thomas Keller the Grill.

It was fine dining restaurant on board.

Well, what an amazing journey i have had.

Cooking should i say ‘hospitality’ can take you places.

I remember i had to quit my engineering studies just because i have a love, dedication and passion for cooking.

Attitude is the engine of my journey. I feel like leaving South Africa and never coming back, because life out there is pretty amazing.

I realized abroad they value and take cooking seriously, but i am glad i had a chance to experience out there in order to grow as a chef.

  • Miami 
  • Los Angeles

As i mentioned on my journey i was on a cruise liner, which included many restaurants.

I’m an innovative, enthusiastic, passionate, responsible and accountable person thus making it easy to work with.

I want to be a restaurant owner. I continue to dream to become a better chef in order to achieve i have to be honest and self-motivated.

At the moment i have my own pizza shop called O&T Pizza.

2020 was a tough year. I want to apply to go work in the USA.

This time in a fine dining restaurant.

For cooks i will say ‘no one was born a good cook, but one can learn from doing’

Attitude which is a good one will take you far because for a successful recipe you need attitude, passion, love and dedication.

Do this for yourself.

  • Steak
  • Mushrooms
  • Fresh Cream
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Mediterranean
  • American
  • South African
  • Thomas Keller
  • Gordon Ramsy
  • Bobby Flay

I would cook my own Biltong crusted beef loin

Chef Londa

Age: 28

Location: Gauteng

Speciality – All Rounder

My Signature Menu


My Signature Dish

Roasted Chicken


I am out going, always have a smile on my face and love meeting new people. I am a qualified, chef studied culinary arts and pastry. I love learning new things.

I started at Tvet collage in Kwa Zulu natal. I was studying hospitality and I fell in love with cooking and I thought let me go for it and I do not regret the choice. I Love putting smiles on people’s  faces with the food I cook.

I have worked at different places.

  • Dunning Country house
  • Jail break caterers
  • Hyatt regency in Rosebank 
  • NINE one restaurant
  • Morell’s Boutique hotel

I went to the states where I was working at JW MARRIOT worked at banquets then I worked at the restaurant, Bourbon steak restaurant.

  • Faith
  • Respect
  • Loyalty

Hoping to continue my cooking career.

Travel and learn more cuisines.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t be something

Never give up on your dreams.


  • Oil
  • Thyme & Rosemary
  • Butter
  • Mediterranean
  • South African
  • French
  • American
  • Italian
  • Indian

Ribs and braai something that I have not tasted before

  • The President
  • Gordon Ramsey

Chef Henry

Age: 38

Location: Gauteng

Speciality – All Rounder

My Signature Menu

Selection Potjie

My Signature Dish

Honey Duck


I am a Father of a 7 year old daughter. I enjoy what i do in the kitchen. I love trying new flavours and ingredients.

Expanding my skills in this company is an opportunity of a lifetime; to fulfil my object of developing myself as a skilled chef. I am fully confident in my ability in providing customers with something special to eat and satisfy their urges to a delicious meal. In the 9 years of my working experience, I think it’s safe to say that my strengths lie within the cold kitchen & hot section. I create delicious meal and desserts effortlessly as well as pastries. I consider myself as motivated and confident individual that has a “can do” attitude and have willingness to learn. I am very keen to work in such a large operation where career growth and future opportunities to progress within the company and develop a long-term career.

Know your strenths, educate yourself and carry it through with a smile.

Many follow their passion and for others their passion follows them until it is discovered and
activated, for Chef Hloni circumstances led him to his passion to become a good chef today and
he gets to share it beyond his imagination. After discovering, that she was intellectually
disadvantages. This is where he enrolled in a skilled development oriented school where he
discovers his skills, despite facing hardship and criticized. Chef Hloni remained determined to

After obtaining his skills development certificate (Diploma ) Chef Henry took upon himself to
learn more things in the kitchen and his 14 years’ experience in the kitchen has made him a
good Chef. Then he decided to open his first shop so called Uptown Lounge Kasi Food & Hloni’s
Cakes, Hloni’s worked at the lodges and hotels, before and its where his passion grew up and
his experience for the love of food then he once went to SA Chef auditions where he was
selected to participate in the competition and after that he joined the catering program him to
gain more skills that would allow for him to knock on the right doors and given the right

His first work experience came from Premier Hotel in Midrand where he was hired
as a Pastry Chef to gain more experience and learn more basics in the kitchen he moved the he
moved to Foundry Café Restaurant where his skills were put the test and for Chef Hloni this is
where he began to understand more about being a good chef he then joined Social on Main
the busiest kitchen around Brynston. With a great hunger to learn more Chef Hloni took an
opportunity to be kitchen leader at Maliba Lodge in Lesotho 5* as Senior Sous Chef, it is at this Lodge that Hloni believes he learnt more about the business of hospitality and having a
signature trends that will set you apart.

After the Maliba Lodge he saw the opportunity to grow and join other 5 lodges where he was a key Chef then he was invited to join cruise ship Hloni declined the offer due to his relationship and responsibilities as a father. At this point. Hloni believes he had gained enough experience to start his own business. He then started his business so called uptown; Hloni took it upon himself to launch his own catering company Uptown Lounge Kasi Food, which has seen his being a fulltime businessperson and chef.

He has also taken the time to enter cooking competitions to keep him on his toes and challenging himself to do better each time, chef Hloni has not limited himself in the kitchen. From baking
amazing cakes, to do sauces, finger foods and full meals also help junior chefs to create classy dishes.

“Life is never the same for two people and I had to learn that at a young age says chef Hloni his
medical issue and social experience did not stop him from being a successful chef that still has greater dreams for his business.

“One thing I have learnt is that you should never give up even when you feel like you should the
only thing you can do is to focus and pray hard. The road to success is not easy as they said you
cannot build a tower in a week you need to work hard, passion and having a light heart can help
you get to where you want to be and the love of food says Chef Hloni Zungu


I have worked at Maliba Lodge 5* Lesotho and in 2019 i helped a good friend to grain her staff at Lilitha Guest House Eastern Cape.

  • Communication (written and verbal)
  • Analytical thinking
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Decision-making
  • Innovative
  • Attention to detail
  • Team worker
  • Assertive

I continue to experience the excitement of food.

I am always open to local restaurants and bakeries.

Be patient and focus on what you are doing. Make sure you enjoy your work. Food is like chemistry, if you enjoy what you doing, your guest will enjoy it.

  • Creame Cheese
  • Chicken Breast
  • Olives
  • South African
  • American
  • Mediterranean
  • Italian
  • French
  • David Higgs
  • Jenny Morris
  • Chef Ayanda Khumalo

Chef Nomava

Age: 24

Location: Gauteng

Speciality – All Rounder

My Signature Menu

Trip to Italy

My Signature Dish

Sole Ravioli

Nomava Mgobozi (3) - Copy-1

I am a young vibrant, creative and hard working chef, who recently graduated from International hotel school and is willing to learn and expand in the culinary industry, and have as much professional experience as possible. I adhere to the food health and safety protocols and make sure to keep a good hygiene, that’s the most important things of all to me. I am passionate about food and the culinary industry at large. I have good leadership skills and I see myself growing to becoming a great Executive chef of a luxury kitchen.

To fulfill my passion in the culinary industry was not easy , aBer finishing my matric I studied nursing for a year and because it was not my passion I didn’t finish my studies, I then went to the avia;on industry which aBer a month I knew that food is my passion and it is what I want to do the rest of my life. aBer registering for my culinary arts diploma I never looked back and I look forward to each and every obstacle that I will have to overcome in this industry so that I can one day become an executive chef in a luxury kitchen.

I was fortunate enough to get an internship at the Wes;n Snowmass resort in Colorado USA late last year but unfortunately due to COVID-19 I couldn’t complete my internship.

  • time
  • honesty
  • loyalty
  • commitment
  • achievement
  • knowledge

I have been enhancing my skills and watching a lot of culinary videos on YouTube to keep me mo;vated and I have also been job huntng.

I would like to learn more and enhance my skills as I am s;ll new in the culinary industry I believe that there is still more for me to learn and I would like to travel and be exposed to all the different styles of cooking and I also
want to learn about gastronomy and hopefully give it my exposure here in South Africa as I have realized that not many chefs do it.

It is important to have passion for what you doing as it is not an easy industry it requires patience. Sometimes you will ask your self why you gettingg paid so little but you will need to remember that in this industry it is not about the qualification that you have, it is about experience that’s why you would someone with no qualification having a higher position than you and that’s where pa;ence comes in, do not rush to take to the top.

  • Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Cilantro
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Mediterranean
  • American
  • South African
  • African

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

  • Bonang Matheba -scallops with parsnip purée and champagne buXer sauce
  • Charles Theron – duck confit with pomme puree and green beans
  • Siya kolisi – pan fried sea bass with mango relish and leek puree

Chef Tinashe

Age: 28

Location: ?

Speciality – ?

My Signature Menu

Coming Soon

My Signature Dish

Coming Soon


To be part of a progressive firm offering opportunities for advancement and professional growth which will increase personal growth.

Chef Nomvisiswano

Age: 31

Location: Kimberley

Speciality – ?

My Signature Menu

Coming Soon

My Signature Dish

Coming Soon


I am highly resourceful, flexible and motivated commis chef with enduring passion for cooking.

Im seeking a challenging position in field of cooking, I can utilize my skills and experience.

I perform in various duties in the kitchen such as assisting the chef de parties in meal preparations, receiving deliveries and rotating stock.

Chef Calvin

Age: 23

Location: ?

Speciality – ?

My Signature Menu

Coming Soon

My Signature Dish

Coming Soon


As a qualified chef with expertise in culinary arts, patisserie, food and beverage my objective
is to exercise competency and quality assurance to uplift and achieve excellence in the work
place, I also work well under pressure. Through set of goal and visions of the company. I wish to work co-operatively and responsibly towards realization of the set goals.

Furthermore I am a life time learner welcoming opportunities for growth in the field of work thus opening doors for induction and mentoring. With my organizational skills I am
able to initiate co ordinate, plan and present my work to my superiors for approval and I am open to criticism for personal growth in this field. With these personality traits and expertise. I believe I qualify-to be hired for the betterment of the company.

I’m an innovative, enthusiastic, passionate, responsible and accountable person thus making it easy to work with.

More Professional Chefs Coming Soon


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